work activity

January 2018  Painting at Laurelgrove park, Four Winds: Painting Hall, stairs and landing. Also painting 1 bedroom. Detached townhouse.        Painting walls and ceilings, all rolled emulsion 2 coats. Varnish all Oak doors and architraves, quick drying satin finish.                  Decorating bedroom both paint work and wallpapering as required. Sloping ceiling so painted colour as walls. Laura Ashley wallpaper to feature wall, floral design.

Decorating at Hugeonet drive, Lisburn: Painting Living room, Kitchen, painting sitting room. Wallpapering hall, stairs and landing also all paint work as required. Italian Vinyl wallpaper, quite heavy and wipeable but very adequate to cover very uneven walls. Painting all ceilings matt white emulsion. Painting woodwork Dulux high gloss for a hard wearing finish. New skirting boards required priming, filling, undercoat and gloss.

Painting at Thaxton village, Lisburn: Painting 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room and kitchen. New owner so need to spruce up property and decorating. Painting white emulsion throughout, mid sheen finish to all walls and ceilings. Some minor preparation to fill hairline cracks etc. Feature wall painted in kitchen.
February : Painting at Glenside, Castlereagh: Painting 1 very large bedroom, kitchen, hall stairs and landing 3 levels. Painting bedroom walls and ceiling 2 coats matt finish. Varnish door and skirting, clear gloss to enhance mahogany. Repair damp stains on landing ceiling, also sticking down wallpaper as required. Painting all walls and ceilings. Painting kitchen, vinyl silk emulsion also varnishing woodwork.

Painting at Cleaver park, Malone: 2 Bedrooms to be decorated also Kitchen and dining area. Walls and ceilings all painted 2 coats matt emulsion, white and soft cream. Kitchen decorated in accordance with new walls and layout. New plasterwork primed and coated x3. Most walls white with just one feature wall, sparkly wallpaper silver tone.

March : Painting at Maxwell road, Bangor: Painting hall, stairs and landing. Very high ceilings and walls. Also painting all doors, architraves and skirting. Platform required to gain access to high ceiling above staircase. Used extension pole and roller for ceilings and walls, all painted 2 coats, some filling  to old picture holes. Painted doors and other woodwork with Dulux oil based satin wood, recoated after 24 hours. Also staircase posts, bannister and spindles to be painted, same satin finish and 2 coats.

Painting at Bracken Hill, Four Winds: Painting living room, kitchen, utility room, and 2 bedrooms. Also decorating to one bedroom included wallpapering. Preparation to some ceilings, filling cracks and holes etc. Painting all ceilings white, dulux matt emulsion. Walls painted a variety of colours, mostly neutral and modern style. Doors all light oak and varnished 2 coats semi gloss clear finish. Architraves all white with skirting, painted satinwood white 2 coats.

Painting at Waterloo park, Belfast: Painting kitchen, living rooom and sunroom . All walls and ceilings painted white emulsion. Pine doors to be varnished clear satin. Architraves and skirting painted white satinwood. Very large wooden window frames in most rooms, required a fair amount  of preparation work. Cleaning, filling and sanding to a smooth standard. Painted dark grey Dulux satinwood quick dry.

April : Painting at Galwally Avenue, Belfast: Exterior painting of semi detached bungalow, chalet style. Fascia and soffit boards all wood. Painted grey undercoat and black gloss finish. Fair ammount of scraping and filling required as wood had been well weathered. All render and walls finished in rough cast effect which I painted in white. 3 coats acrylic masonry paint. Downpipes cleaned and painted black. Window sills to front of house in poor shape. Lots of preparation removing layers of old paint, been lifted by damp and moisture getting in. Sealed and primed then painted 2 coats grey, exterior gloss.

Painting at Hawthornden Road, Belfast: Painting communal area staircase to apartments. 3 floor levels and quite an extensive project, area to cover etc. All walls and ceilings painted egg- shell, oil based finish, hard wearing and durable. White for ceilings and Cream for walls. Architraves and skirting all glossed white.

Painting at Craigleith Drive, Belfast: Painting 2 Bedrooms also decorating living room also wallpapering. Preparing walls for paint in bedrooms. Had been stripped of wallpaper so in need of some perfecting before painting. Matt emulsion painted to all walls and ceilings. Doors painted white, undercoat and gloss, also skirting. Living room wallpaper to 3 sides, feature wall with chimney breast painted red silk finish, numerous coats, typical with reds and pigments.

May : Painting at Station Road, Lambeg; Painting quite extensive open plan, living, dining and kitchen area. Very large ceiling area to be painted 2 coats white matt emulsion. Also numerous spotlights to paint around, careful work not wanting to paint over the chrome metal finish. Painting most walls antique cream mid sheen also painting feature wall as required. New Oak doors fitted, required light preparation and painted with Polyurathene quick drying clear varnish. This will fully enhance the grain and no need to add stain. Painting architraves and skirting white satinwood 2 coats.

Painting at Wallace Avenue, Lisburn: Painting appartment, interior throughout. Compact area of living-dining, hall, 2 bedrooms and bathroom. Painting all walls and ceilings, good surfaces so no preparation required. 2 coats emulsion all areas, architraves and skirting painted white satinwood.
Painting at Monument Road, Hillsborough: Extensive detached bungalow. Painting all rooms to make ready for new tenant. All rooms painted magnolia walls and white ceilings, 2 coats mid sheen finish. All woodwork dark mahogany painted 1 coat gloss varnish. Rod iron spiral staircase painted in black metallic finish.

Painting at Galwally Avenue, Belfast: See previous Exterior painting, similar style property. Again black and white. Black painted for woodwork and white for walls. Additionally 2 high window frames to paint  guttering and downpipes. Only gloss to plastic pipes.

June : Painting at Fairview Park, Derriaghy: Painting hall, stairs and landing. Also painting 12 newly fitted panel doors. Landing ceiling fairly high and required a long extension ladder to access. Undercoat and gloss roofspace access door, emulsion ceiling white. Painted walls silk finish 3 coats as required. Painting new doors white satinwood after removing all new handles. Doors painted both sides so a considerable amount  of work with each coated 3 times. Painting of skirting and architraves white satinwood to match.

Painting at Scarva Road, Banbridge: Painting detached bungalow, walls and window sills, also plinth and window surrounds. Painting also of high chimney breast at gable end. Gable end surface area in very poor state with old paint blistering and lifting in many places all over. Obviously a case of water getting inside the render, appearing to be much worse high up. With an open cowl it was likely the rain was getting in and causing this problem, also the fireplace had been closed of so there was no heat generated to create a drying process . Removed all the flaky paint. Used a stabilising masonry primer to double coat those areas of disrepair followed by filler to smooth the surface. Then painting with Dulux weathershield 3 coats all walls. Suggested a covered top cowl be fitted to prevent this problem returning.

Painting at Castlerobin Road, Belvoir: Painting hall, stairs and landing, walls and ceilings also kitchen and dining area. High ceilings and walls with a fair ammount of climbing ladders. Painting ceilings with extension pole and roller, also high wall areas. White ceilings and pebble grey walls. Painting kitchen similar colours. Lots of spotlights to paint around, with new dropped ceiling. Appliances and storage units to paint around kitchen area. Painting feature wall to dining area duck egg blue.

July: Painting at Comber Road Ballygowan: Exterior painting of detached chalet style bungallow. Painting high fascia boards and soffits also feature eves above front windows. Also all wooden window frames to front and rear. All wood painted with Sadolin mahogany woodstain in satin, 2 coats. Also some minor filling to high boards. Exterior walls were painted Crown Stormshield masonry 2 coats. Also painting of front door, back double doors and garage door, all painted with mahogany woodstain. Painting of fence all around property with Sadolin ducksback wood protection.

Painting at Malone meadows, Belfast: Internal painting of Detached Townhouse. 3 Split Levels, 5 Bedrooms, extensive staircase, games room, family room, sitting room, kitchen and dining also bathroom and utility. Actually a fairly straightforward painting contract. All walls and ceilings were painted throughout. Painting ceilings white and painting walls Milk white, all matt finish. Architraves and skirting required painting as did some window ledges. All were painted in a white satin finish 2 coats. All pine doors were painted with Sadolin clear varnish.

Painting at Bay Apartments, Cushendun Co.Antrim: Painting 2 apartments both internal and exterior. Apartment no.2 had undergone renovation and re-plastering requiring a more thorough painting job. Double wooden doors had been fitted to open up through access to both properties. All walls to the front of both apartments were painted Crown amber glow and ceilings in a light peach colour. Painting bedrooms to the rear of the apartments in a variety of pastel colours.

Painting of 2 front doors, one in blue and one in green to adhere to the planning guideline.
To the rear was exterior patio and garden enclosed with high walls, staircase and gates. All walls were painted white Sandtex masonry paint 3 coats. Quite a bit of preparation was required cleaning surfaces and removing old flaking paint.
Painting of gates 2 coats Hammerite metal protection in a gloss finish.

Painting at Glenwood court, Lisburn: Painting hall, stairs and landing. Also sunroom. Semi Detached townhouse. Painting high ceiling in white matt finish. Also painted walls Jasmine White, over embossed wallpaper, again in matt finish. Painted doors, architraves, handrail and skirting with Dulux high gloss. Painting of sunroom, white ceiling 2 coats and magnolia for walls also 2 coats.

August : Painting at Middle Braniel Road, Belfast: Painting extensive detached bungalow . Painting all ceilings, walls and woodwork as required. Painting very high ceilings to open Living/Dining area also rear hallway, all painted matt white. This required the use of a small scaffolding tower, extension pole and roller. Also the repair and fixing of very bad settlement cracks, both in corners and also across the walls. Painting of 4 Bedrooms again in matt white. Property throughout noted with very large windows letting in loads of light. very modern indeed and works perfect with white walls. Also painting of architraves and skirting. Some preparation required as old knots in wood had not been treated. As a result they burn through the layer of paint leaving a noticeable brown stain. Used Bin Zinseer primer. Spot prime 2 coats over damaged areas followed by painting Dulux high gloss in white. Fairly new oak doors required no work.

Painting at Millers Lane, Newtownards: Painting Hall,stairs and landing also 2 Bedrooms and bathroom. Painted all walls in various natural shades, matt finish. Painted all ceilings in matt white.

Painting at Squires Hill Road, Belfast: Exterior Painting detached bungalow on a sloped elevated site. Painting of gable wall, walls to patio area, walls to front of house and perimeter low wall of 30 meters. All painted with Crown Stormshield masonry in white 2/3 coats as required. Preparation and painting of window sills, removing old paint and loose material, primer as required, white undercoat followed by Dulux high gloss to finish. Painting of Gates and Railings. Perimeter wall topped of with iron rod railings, in poor state of disrepair. Required wire brushing to remove old corrosive material. Painting with a small mini roller sleave and small brush. Triflow metal work paint for gates and railings. Painted 3 coats in black gloss to provide a long lasting finish. Very intricate work considering the awkward height to work at and sloping terrain. Gates too all painted in black Triflow.

Painting at Greenhill, Tullynacross Road, Lambeg: Painting exterior Terraced Bungalow, just front of property. Also to include painting garden wall, gate and railings. Painting high fascia board and soffit in grey gloss. Painting high guttering and downpipe in black gloss. Painting front rendered wall in white masonry paint, 3 coats. Painted front door Poppy Red, a real feature. Removed all fittings from door and painted with black gloss. Painting of door architrave and window sill in white gloss and painting of exterior wall in grey.

September : Painting at Glenwood Court, Lisburn: Painting Living room and Kitchen. Painted living room 3 walls and 1 feature wall and chimney breast was wallpapered. Painting ceiling 2 coats white crown matt and painted walls natural hessian also in matt. Painting of 2 doors and architraves also skirting, all glossed in white. Feature wallpaper like branches in a sparkly affect. Painting kitchen walls and ceiling, walls painted scrubbable matt in a light grey shade and ceiling painted 2 coats matt white.

Painting at Queensberry Park, Belfast: Painting Sitting room / Dining room / Kitchen. All open plan following renovation and re planning . New plasterwork throughout to both walls and ceilings. Painting ceilings primer first then 3 coats kitchen and bathroom paint {whiter than traditional matt} Customer requested this. Painting wall areas 2 seperate colours, design noted for having a number of beams and various angles to walls. So the 2 colours were used to enhance this feature. Just a matter of choosing which colours went where. Paint was from the Farrow and Ball range, first coat thinned and a further 2 coats applied. Created a matt finish, very smooth and durable too.

Painting at Portside, Bangor: Painting large living room also extended to dining area. Also painted entrance hall. Ceiling sub divided with a number of wooden decorative beams, finished in a dark woodstain, also painted with a gloss clear varnish. Carefully painting each internal section of ceiling in matt white, 2 coats. Painted walls in living area soft linen matt finish and wheatgrass mid sheen finish for dining room walls. Painting Doors and skirting walnut woodstain followed by 1 coat of satin clear varnish. Painting entrance hall soft linen with white ceiling.

Painting at Ulsterville Avenue, Belfast: Painting Living room, extended kitchen / dining area. Painting high ceiling to kitchen with number of new spotlights, carefully cutting in, 3 coats matt white to new plasterwork. Painting all walls around new fitted appliances and units. Dining room area, a combination of same colour with one feature wall of wallpaper in a classic theme, 4 meters. Open living area separated by a high architrave. Walls painted in light grey matt finish, ceiling painted white matt. Painting of Architrave, skirting and window box in Dulux white satinwood 2 coats.

October: Painting at Saintfield Road, Belfast. Painting hall, stairs and landing. Also painting 2 bedrooms. Painting high ceiling above landing in hall also lower level ceiling, all painted 2 coats mid sheen white finish. Painted hatch door to roofspace in white gloss also architrave surround. Painting all walls in a mid grey shade, scrubbable matt for a durable hardwearing finish. Painting of staircase, spindles and handrails in antique pine woodstain, re-coated with 2 coats of gloss clear varnish. Painting both bedrooms, white ceilings in matt and walls in sail white. Painting interior door side and skirting in antique pine woodstain, re-coated in varnish.

Painting at Lisburn Road, Belfast: Painting 1 bedroom and wallpapering 1 feature wall. Bedroom walls in poor state and required repair and filled, lots of plugs to remove and holes to fill, smoothed to a reasonable standard and made ready to paint. Painting ceiling 2 coats matt white and painted walls in light cream, also matt. Painting architrave and skirting in white gloss. Feature wall papered in modern colourful design.

Painting at Whitemountain, Lisburn: Painting detached townhouse, interior decorating. Noteable for very high ceilings to both Kitchen and dining/living area. Also noteable for very bad settlement cracks and nails popping out from plaster, all very high up and awkward to access at heights of up to 6 meters. Also working above island units and breakfast bar made this a challenge. All defects had to be repaired, some with silicone then re-filled with caulk. Painting all ceilings with matt white 2 coats and a large number of spotlights to paint around. Painting walls in Crown scrubbable matt, walls in good condition and requiring a small amount of preparation. Painting feature wall in kitchen a rich red colour, very high again working above range and storage units. All woodwork to include architraves, skirting and window ledges. Caulking and filling as required then undercoat white, Dulux high gloss to finish.

Painting at Childsplay, Dundela Avenue, Belfast. Painting window sills to front of premises also 2 doors and architraves. A number of window sills in very poor state of disrepair, both high level and low. Preparation required scraping back a lot of loose material removing old layers of paint. Filling holes, allowing to dry. Painting 2 coats dark grey undercoat then glossed in dark green. Painting doors and downpipes in dark green gloss.

November: Painting at Bladon Drive, Belfast. Detached townhouse requiring modern décor. Painting and Decorating of hall, stairs and landing. Also understairs loo and wash room and kitchen. Stripping old wallpaper and repairing minor holes to walls. Painting high ceiling in matt white 2 coats also lower ceiling on ground floor. Painting roofspace hatch and surround 2 coats white satinwood, also painting wood panelling on staircase and landing 2 coats white satin. Painting all doors and architraves 2 coats white satinwood also all skirting to landing and hallway. Wallpapering 14 rolls to all areas, Italian Vinyl heavy textured covering in a gold shade. Hand rails to staircase and landing varnished in clear gloss 2 coats. Decorating understairs loo, same as hall, painted white and wallpapered gold. Also painted inside front porch, painting white ceiling and yellow vinyl silk to walls. Painting kitchen white ceiling 2 coats white matt and painting walls yellow vinyl silk. Painting door and skirting in white satinwood 2 coats.